Own a Mary's Mountain Cookies Store

New Store Opportunities Are Available!

Thank you for your interest in our company. We are being quite selective as we look to grow the number of Mary's Mountain Cookies store locations. We want each store to be operated by a loving store owner. Our store licensees receive high levels of support from the Mary's Mountain Cookies organization and are trained to be successful. A limited number will be selected after extensive screening. To own a Mary's Mountain Cookies store is akin to having a new baby. The store requires constant attention and love.

If you feel that you have the care, compassion, passion and ability to operate and own a Mary's Mountain Cookies store, please complete the form below. We will send you an initial interest packet and speak with you about this wonderful opportunity. We believe that owning a Mary's Mountain Cookies store is an amazing opportunity to reach your dreams and live a life that is fulfilling and filled with purpose. We look forward to visiting with you in the near future.

Licensee Qualifications

Owning a Mary's Mountain Cookies store is hard work, and it isn't for everyone. The qualifications for a licensee are listed below. This list certainly isn't an exhaustive list of all that is required to be a successful store owner. It is just the start. If you believe you have what it takes and are ready to live your dream, read on and then give us a call.

Work Ethic

You must be a hard worker. You will be working 50+ hours a week in your cookie store. You will be everything from the janitor to the manager!


You must be passionate about people, baking and cookies. A positive outlook and attitude are a must. Our cookies are baked with love.

Financial Requirements

You must have the financial capacity to meet the funding requirements and have the liquidity available to operate your store for a minimum of three months.

Network of Support

You'll need the support of your family, friends, community and network! Your network of support will help you transition into life as a new business owner, and they will certainly be your first and best customers!

Business Experience

You should have general business experience and marketing knowledge. You will always be promoting your business and seeking strategies to operate your business at the lowest cost possible.


You must have good business sense, confidence, creativity, problem solving skills and a mature sense of personal accountability. This is your business, and its success depends on YOU!


Your great attitude and positive leadership will create an environment where employees and customers are loyal and engaged.

Licensing Information Request

Licensed Store Economics

Initial License Fee


Working Capital (3 months of operating expenses)


Training Expenses

$1,800 - $2,000

Real Estate, License, Permits


Kitchen Equipment and Technology


Opening Inventory





These costs are estimates. Costs will vary based on many factors.