About Us

Multiple Locations and Nationwide Shipping

Mary's Mountain Cookies has been serving freshly baked cookies nationwide and shipping them all around the world since 1986. Our flagship store is located in Fort Collins, Colorado at Front Range Village Shopping Center.

You won't want to resist the delicious aroma pulling you down the street to one of our cookie stores. Staffed with cookie lovers, all eleven of our locations are ready to brighten your day. Enjoy any of a variety of tasty treats, including edible cookie dough and scrumptious quarter-pound cookies and brownies, or create your very own ice cream-filled cookie!

Let us be a part of your next event. Our giant cookies, cookie gift baskets, and cookie trays will make your wedding, fundraiser or small get-together a success!

Our Menu


Chocolate Chip
Sugar Cutout
Oatmeal Raisin
Snickers Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Edible Cookie Dough


Frosted Glazed Sugar Cutout
Monster Cookie
Orange Doodle
Fudge Fantasy
Seasonal Favorites

Ice Cream Filled Cookies

Cookie Dough
Cookies and Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mocha Chip
Strawberry Cheesecake

"Fresh and soft cookies from heaven, yes please. Tons of different flavors, all are splendid!"


Tami B.

"Some of the best cookies I have eaten and very fresh...plus a great variety available."


Pam S.

"I was never a cookie lover but now I know it's because I had never eaten cookies this amazing!!! I haven't had a Mary's Mountain Cookie that I didn't like. The staff is so friendly and their variety is incredible."


Sandy H.

"If you are fortunate enough to travel or live in the Fort Collins area, Mary's Mountain Cookies is a must-try. Their avalanche cookies are literally my favorite cookies in the world. Try any of their fun varieties, and they will quickly become your go-to cookie place!"


Jenna K.

"These cookies are seriously the best. And the employees are always super enthusiastic about helping you!"


Elizabeth H.

"Some of the best cookies I've ever had! I love coming here every time I'm in town!"


Sean N.