Who is Mary?

Who is Mary?

Mary Johns began Mary's Mountain Cookies over 25 years ago after working as the head cook at Cherokee Park Dude Ranch in northern Colorado. Mary developed her cookie-baking skills at the ranch and became famous for her mountain-style cookies. Guests loved the cookies so much that they asked to have them shipped to their homes so they could enjoy them all year long. The demand kept growing, and the next thing you know... Mary's Mountain Cookies was formed.

Today, Mary has her test kitchen at the Front Range Village location. You can see Mary there sometimes helping customers or testing new recipes.

Are all the stores the same?

Are all the stores the same? Is this a franchise?

All the stores are licensed by Mary's Mountain Cookies, and they adhere to strict guidelines to produce quality cookies and excellent customer service with a local, independent feel.

How can I open a store?

How can I open a Mary's Mountain Cookies?

We are very selective about our licensees. Only hardworking individuals with a strong passion for people, baking and cookies are considered for a store license.

Do you deliver?

Do you deliver? How can I have cookies shipped to me?

Yes, all of our stores deliver cookies and ship cookies. To have cookies shipped to you or a recipient of your choosing, call the store or view our locations at the link below. Contact your local store with delivery or shipping questions.

How much is shipping?

How much is shipping?

The most popular box we ship has eight quarter-pound cookies. Shipping for this box is $15. The package will arrive in 2-3 days. This rate is for the Fort Collins Cookie Store located at Front Range Village.

Gluten free?

Do you have gluten-free cookies?

Yes, we have a variety of gluten-free cookie flavors. Our gluten-free cookies are made with delicious and healthy pure blanched almond flour. We do not claim to be a 100% gluten-free kitchen. There may be a trace of wheat flour somewhere floating around the store. Though we are very careful to keep these ingredients from touching each other, it is safest for us to say there may be a trace of wheat.

Cookie dough safe?

Is your edible cookie dough safe?

Yes! We do not use eggs in our edible cookie dough. We have a secret ingredient that has no calories and makes our edible cookie dough taste amazing!

What size of cookies are available?

What cookie sizes are available?

Our 2-ounce and 4-ounce cookies are available year-round, and our 1-ounce cookies are available for special orders and during the holidays.

How many people does the Celebration Cookie or Birthday Cookie feed?

How many people does the celebration cookie or birthday cookie feed?

The 12-inch celebration cookie or birthday cookie makes twelve to fifteen 1-ounce slices.

Wedding cookies?

Can you make cookies for my wedding?

Yes! We love to cater weddings with wedding cookies. We have free wedding cookies to sample, along with many catering ideas for you at our Fort Collins cookie store at the Front Range Village location.