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From Dude Ranch cook to CEO. Mary’s story of faith, bravery and choosing happiness for her children will inspire and entertain you. Throughout, she demonstrates her tenacity, faith and business savvy as a female entrepreneur.

Written by Mary’s Mountain Cookie Founder Mary Johns. Mary shares her famous cookie recipes along with the story behind the nationally known cookie chain. She shares the tragedies that led to her leaving her home state of Michigan to get a fresh start at a Colorado Dude Ranch. With two small children, the loves of her life, she bravely leapt into a new life and she discovered what heaven looks like. This heavenly life was filled with many people who helped and supported her to get back on her feet and provide a magical life for her family.

You’ll enjoy hearing the fun stories of living on a Colorado Dude Ranch and also learn how Mary found the strength and courage to begin again and face life’s challenges. This is a story of hope, courage, bravery, and taking a leap of faith when hope seemed to be hiding. Mary shares her life philosophy throughout the book. She discusses the importance of having wishes and goals and the role that attitude plays in your life’s journey. Mary’s faith and belief that you are never alone is where she finds comfort and strength.

This is Mary’s story. It has relevance to anyone who is wanting to begin again, start their own business, find their passion and purpose, and believe in the goodness of humanity. It describes the unique challenges of a female entrepreneur and the challenges of being a woman owned business.

“It’s not easy to share your personal story, especially when it is filled with losses, betrayals, and failures. I want to share this now because I see how my ability to overcome the tough times and thrive may be encouragement for someone else who is trying to navigate through rough waters.”

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Book Excerpt - Wishes

I have a wish for every day of my life. I trust in Mother Earth. This is a lesson I learned early in my life when events occurred that didn’t make any sense. I found that if I trusted and respected the Universe, I could find the answers. The trust and respect have led me to see wishes come true in the form of miracles. Miracles are all around us.

Without a wish, a dream, a conscious goal, or a strong intention to go in a specific direction, life is like being in a boat without a rudder. Many people live their lives without a rudder and just float bumping up against the rocks. Wishing is really a matter of deciding what we want to create and getting clear on our intentions. It is more than just thinking with your head. It is the mind, body and soul all working together with the same intention. It involves feeling. It reminds us that our mind, body and soul want something down to the bone. It means we are ready to accept it with all of our heart and the timing is right when you have that feeling. Go get it!

Many wonderful things come with wishes. Passion, hope, love, attitude, wisdom and great positive energy combined with a strong intention and belief leads you to your wish. It took all of this to survive the journey of raising two children, working at the dude ranch and owning a growing cookie company.

One of my more important wishes was to set up a good home life for my little family. Not a material foundation but rather an emotional one. After living out of the car for several months, little angels began to appear everywhere with messages of encouragement and love. As bad as things were, I knew the Universe would not let us down. I always kept a positive attitude about life and the sequence in which it presents itself. I believed that my life was unfolding perfectly, even when we faced the direst times.

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