Corporate Meetings

Mary’s Mountain Cookies has been keeping corporate meetings and corporate events fun and exciting for the past 26 years. Our cookies and desserts help break up the monotony of long planning sessions or even short team briefings. Mary’s Cookie Trays placed on the center of the conference table during your next corporate meeting will ensure everyone attends the meeting on time and is ready to get to work!

Mary’s Cookie Trays come in two sizes or can be customized to suit your corporate meeting and corporate event needs. Cookie flavors can be assortments of our best sellers or cookies can be customized with your corporate logo and designs.

Customer Appreciation

If you are you looking for client appreciation gifts and customer appreciation gifts, look no further. Mary’s Mountain Cookies provides fast delivery of beautifully packaged client appreciation and customer appreciation gifts with personalized notes. With our focus on delicious gifting, we can help you with all of your customer appreciation needs, whether you are a law firm, a car dealership, an accounting firm, or any other business.


Research has shown that it takes eight times the investment to win a new client as it does to hold onto an existing one. Because Mary’s Mountain Cookies provides personalized client appreciation and customer appreciation delectable desserts, you’ll stand out from the competition! Your customers will know that you appreciate their business and they’ll remember you because of it. And because you took the extra step of sending client appreciation or customer appreciation gift, you’ll show that you value the relationship beyond the transaction.

For over 25 years, Mary’s Mountain Cookies has been delivering goodness. We ship orders within 24-hours of receipt and we carefully design and decorate our desserts to your specifications. We can add your company’s logo or design to any of our tasty treats. Mary’s Mountain Cookies delivers and ships throughout the world. We are your one-stop shop for client appreciation and customer appreciation gifts!

Employee Recognition, Anniversary, Retirement

Just as the clients and customers appreciate a treat from Mary’s Mountain Cookies, your employees will be more engaged and productive when you treat them with a Mary’s treat for their birthday or work anniversary. An employee anniversary or employee retirement, or employee birthday should always be acknowledged and there is no better way to say congratulations than with Mary’s Giant Cookie.

Employee Anniversary parties will become more festive and exciting when you are able to present a giant Mary’s Mountain Cookie along with a corporate memento. The cookie will be shared by co-worders and will increase engagement and friendship at work.


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